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US-2011304951-A1: Ultracapacitor and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2012005812-A1: Insect protective garment patent, US-2012033493-A1: Erase completion recognition patent, US-2012057036-A1: Image capture device, image processing device and image processing program patent, US-2012083590-A1: Polypeptides having dna polymerase activity patent, US-2012088981-A1: Matching of Regions of Interest Across Multiple Views patent, US-2012102294-A1: Storage System and Storage Control Method that Compress and Store Data Elements patent, US-2012113736-A1: Semiconductor device having hierachical bit line structure patent, US-2012153384-A1: Semiconductor Power Device Having A Top-side Drain Using A Sinker Trench patent, US-2012167811-A1: Supercharged engine patent, US-2012170905-A1: Systems and Methods for Presenting Incident Information patent, US-2012209205-A1: Trocar stability assembly patent, US-2012241521-A1: Rfid tag antenna patent, US-2012244580-A1: Immobilization of psicose-epimerase and a method of producing d-psicose using the same patent, US-2012252989-A1: Method for replacing compatible ethylene polymerization catalysts patent, US-2012316606-A1: Device for enhanced mechanical stabilization patent, US-2013000151-A1: Shoe assembly with non-linear viscous liquid patent, US-2013000851-A1: Automatic Backing Stripper patent, US-2013055248-A1: Method of balancing workloads in object storage system patent, US-2013059285-A1: Aqueous solution for the preservation of tissues and organs patent, US-2013120631-A1: Method of operating camera including information supplement function and terminal supporting the same patent, US-2013138360-A1: Allocating oil production from geochemical fingerprints patent, US-2013178729-A1: Systems and methods for minimally-invasive optical-acoustic imaging patent, US-2013187242-A1: CHANNEL SURFACE TECHNIQUE FOR FABRICATION OF FinFET DEVICES patent, US-2013189314-A1: Enteric-coated ht-2157 compositions and methods of their use patent, US-2013209631-A1: Reversible baking pan patent, US-2013220379-A1: Method and device for cleaning coked cavities, in particular inlet channels and valves of an internal combustion engine patent, US-2014014899-A1: Multi-quantum well structure and light emitting diode having the same patent, US-2014020761-A1: Organic dye material and dye-sensitized solar cell using same patent, US-2014032598-A1: Function Module Leveraging Fuzzy Search Capability patent, US-2014045372-A1: Waterproof Structure of Pad, Waterproof Pad, and Method for Forming Waterproof Structure patent, US-2014049246-A1: Power supply arrangement with a transformer having a transformer core with legs arranged in a polygon patent, US-2014057016-A1: Method of Improving Animal Feeds Using Hydrolyzed Lecithins patent, US-2014102730-A1: Dry Sprinkler Assembly patent, US-2014125249-A1: Light emitting module and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2014130482-A1: Device for the Purification of Exhaust Gases from a Heat Engine, Comprising a Ceramic Carrier and an Active Phase Mechanically Anchored in the Carrier patent, US-2014137744-A1: Oxygen concentrator systems and methods patent, US-2014166274-A1: System and method for production reservoir and well management using continuous chemical measurement patent, US-2014191438-A1: Microfluidic Devices and Methods of Fabrication patent, US-2014217374-A1: Organic semiconductor material patent, US-2014249206-A1: Oligonucleotides for modulation of target rna activity patent, US-2014290770-A1: Aseptic Connector with Deflectable Ring of Concern and Method patent, US-2014295270-A1: Anode and secondary battery patent, US-2014302395-A1: Silicon oxide for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery negative electrode material, method for manufacturing the same, lithium ion secondary battery, and electrochemical capacitor patent, US-2014319549-A1: Light emitting diode package having a transparent metal layer function as an electrode thereof patent, US-2014341570-A1: Amortization of expensive optical components patent, US-2014344598-A1: Enabling A Non-Core Domain To Control Memory Bandwidth patent, US-2014356249-A1: Method for fabricating nanoparticles patent, US-2015009711-A1: Light guide plate with sharp-edged prisms and side-edge type surface-emission optical apparatus including the same patent, US-2015017269-A1: New cosmetic use of an albizia julibrissin extract and corresponding topical composition patent, US-2015061150-A1: Stacked semiconductor chip device with phase change material patent, US-2015064754-A1: Bioproduction of chemicals patent, US-2015108220-A1: Method for generating information embedded code for mobile phone, method for embedding information code, and method for reading the same patent, US-2010129766-A1: Orthodontic retraction arch and spring patent, US-2010131050-A1: ABSORBABLE STENT HAVING A COATING FOR CONTROLLING DEGRADATION OF THE STENT AND MAINTAINING pH NEUTRALITY patent, US-2010233753-A1: Optical measuring device and method therefor patent, US-2010294895-A1: Offset hanger patent, US-2010310494-A1: Styrax Benzoin Rejuvenating Cosmetic Preparation patent, US-2011081745-A1: Method of Manufacturing Selective Emitter Solar Cell patent, US-2011107680-A1: Method for preparing cerium carbonate patent, US-2011194052-A1: Display device and thin film polarizer used for display device patent, US-2011295510-A1: Active Noise Injection Computations for Improved Predictability in Oil and Gas Reservoir Characterization and Microseismic Event Analysis patent, US-2011314207-A1: Memory system, program method thereof, and computing system including the same patent, US-2012000618-A1: Reduction of fiber knots of cellulose crosslinked fibers by using plasma pre-treated pulpsheets patent, US-2012016418-A1: Interspinous fixation implant patent, US-2012019845-A1: Image forming apparatus which performs calibration for maintaining image quality patent, US-2012032301-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2012090852-A1: Apparatus and method for compensating for pressure changes within an isolated annular space of a wellbore patent, US-2012106931-A1: Image processing device and method patent, US-2012114150-A1: Speaker apparatus patent, US-2012138150-A1: Fluid supply system and fluid supply method patent, US-2012141861-A1: Battery module and assembled battery patent, US-2012181280-A1: Tamper-evident container with multi-action breakaway hinge patent, US-2012188311-A1: Liquid discharge head and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-2012217694-A1: Sheet feed device and image recording apparatus having such sheet feed device patent, US-2012230209-A1: System and Method for Exchanging Channel, Physical Layer and Data Layer Information and Capabilities patent, US-2012249862-A1: Imaging device, imaging method, and computer readable storage medium patent, US-2012280329-A1: Semiconductor device patent, US-2012302533-A1: Derivatives of pyrimido [6,1-a] isoquinolin-4-one patent, US-2012304230-A1: Administration of Content Creation and Distribution System patent, US-2012312376-A1: Material transport apparatus and method patent, US-2013028825-A1: Manufacturing method for polycrystalline silicon ingot, and polycrystalline silicon ingot patent, US-2013046927-A1: Memory Management Unit Tag Memory with CAM Evaluate Signal patent, US-2013047234-A1: Method and device for propagating session management events patent, US-2013050421-A1: Image processing apparatus and control method thereof patent, US-2013067282-A1: Fault position determining circuit, storage device and information processing apparatus patent, US-2013069550-A1: Power Supply Device and Luminaire patent, US-2013070014-A1: Motor Control Device and Image Forming Apparatus patent, US-2013070456-A1: Lighting device patent, US-2013092592-A1: Device for examining moving tablets patent, US-2013124969-A1: Xml editor within a wysiwyg application patent, US-2013125309-A1: Patient table and method for the production thereof patent, US-2013134883-A1: Intelligent power control system patent, US-2013149145-A1: Wind turbine patent, US-2013156744-A1: Methods of recellularizing a tissue or organ for improved transplantability patent, US-2013169091-A1: Hydrodynamic bearing module and spindle motor having the same patent, US-2013173918-A1: Data exchange technology patent, US-2013175911-A1: Housing assembly for a portable electronic device patent, US-2013183680-A1: Assays and methods for the diagnosis of post-streptococcal disorders patent, US-2013188172-A1: Microfluidic chip assembly patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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